Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools
  • Superintendent of Schools  
    Aubrey A. Johnson, Ed.D.

About the Superintendent

  • Aubrey A. Johnson, Ed.D.Dr. Aubrey Johnson is the Superintendent of New Brunswick Public Schools in New Jersey. He is a graduate of Northeastern University and earned his masters’ degree from New Jersey City University. He joined the Paterson Public Schools in 1995 where he served for over 19 years, including roles as a third-grade teacher, computer teacher, technology coordinator, vice-principal, principal, director of assessment, planning & evaluation, and assistant superintendent. This is where his leadership skills developed and he learned how to build community relationships, lead through adversity, and learned the concepts of strategic planning. Dr. Johnson was part of the effort to bring continuous positive change and academic success to Paterson Public Schools, including raising the graduation rate, implementing school choice, and working to ensure that Paterson Public Schools became a leader in urban education. He continued his work as a scholar-practitioner and earned his doctorate degree from Seton Hall University in 2017. Dr. Johnson was appointed Superintendent of New Brunswick Public Schools in 2015.

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    Aubrey A. Johnson, Ed.D. 
    Superintendent of Schools 

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    Executive Secretary to the Superintendent 
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Messages from the Superintendent

  • April 5, 2024 -- Earthquake

    April 5, 2024 -- Earthquake

    I hope this message finds you well. I want to address the topic of earthquake preparedness given the recent activity in New Jersey and surrounding areas. It's crucial that we are all equipped with the right information and resources to ensure the safety of our families. Here are some important steps and resources to help you prepare for potential earthquakes:

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  • November 22, 2023 -- Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 22, 2023 -- Happy Thanksgiving!

    As we approach Thanksgiving Day, a time when families and individuals come together in various ways, I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of gratitude. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this national holiday, the act of pausing to count our blessings is something we can all resonate with.

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  • September 1, 2023 -- Welcome Back Message

    September 1, 2023 -- Welcome Back Message

    As we approach the start of another school year, I am filled with excitement about the wonderful journey ahead for our students. I encourage you to stay connected and involved in your child's education. By fostering open lines of communication with your child's teacher, counselor, administrators and actively participating in school activities, we can ensure the best possible experiences for our children. In our quest for continuous improvement, we are dedicated to an inclusive learning environment where every student feels valued. Your partnership is key to creating positive lasting experiences.

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  • January 2, 2023 - Health & Safety Message

    January 2, 2023 - Health & Safety Message

    For the week ending December 29, 2022, Middlesex County COVID-19 level remained high and the Influenza (flu) level remained high. In accordance with the New Jersey Department of Health, it’s strongly encouraged that you protect yourself and your family members by following these recommendations:

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