January 15, 2021 — Re-entry Update Letter

Message from the Superintendent of Schools

Dear parents/guardians and school community:

Our District continually monitors COVID-19 information from the State and Middlesex County. For our region (Central East Region), the virus activity level remains high, primarily due to holiday gatherings. While we’d hoped to begin returning to school in late January, this plan was based on a lower projection of cases. Delays in the distribution of vaccines are also a factor. So, out of an abundance of caution, we’ll postpone our re-entry to in-person / hybrid instruction to limit the potential spread of the virus within our district and the surrounding community. Virtual instruction will continue for all students, as we continue to closely monitor the status of the virus and assess, on a weekly basis, when it’s appropriate to re-enter schools. Our plan now is to reopen for in-person instruction for our PreK-5 schools on April 12, 2021 and PreK-8 schools on April 14, 2021. Then, on April 19, 2021, we’ll begin in-person instruction for our middle school and high school students. 

The District will continue to work closely with public health officials and follow all federal, state, and local health guidelines to ensure the safety of our school community. If conditions worsen, we will employ more stringent strategies to protect the health of our students, families, and staff. 

We understand that while health concerns impact people physically, they also may cause anxiety and stress. With this in mind, please note the following support resources. 

  • The Florida House Health Experience (in NJ) --  Wayne Dibofsky, 908-513-9946 / wdibofsky@fherehab.com 
  • WARM LINE (Dept of Human Services), for individuals with uncertainty/anxiety, 877-294-HELP

Thank you, 

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson 
Superintendent of Schools