August 26, 2021 - Welcome Back Staff!

Welcome Back Staff!

August 26, 2021

Dear District Staff,

A new school year is here, and it once again finds all of us breaking new ground. As individuals, you have made the difference that enables our students to persevere and continue moving forward in their educational journeys even under truly difficult circumstances. Your hard work, creativity, and passion have and continue to be essential. 

When we return to school health and safety protocols, including wearing face masks and social distancing, will remain in place. We all wish such precautions were no longer necessary, but until we actually get there, let’s remember what we have already accomplished and how far we have come.  Our achievements during the past 18 months show us we can accomplish anything!

As I hope you can tell by now, I am extremely grateful and proud of our entire school community.  Let’s push aside any inclination to sugarcoat the challenges of the recent past and the apprehension of forthcoming uncertainties. I encourage you to regularly take stock and assess how you’re feeling. In this regard, we may be able to learn from U.S. Olympian Simone Biles. When she realized that her mind and body were not in sync, she addressed the situation by bravely pausing to take a figurative deep breath.  We must all remain self-aware, take time for self-care and focus on safeguarding our mental health.

In unison, we are charged with safeguarding the mental health of our students who are in dire need to be taught and engaged in their own learning. I trust that you will be prepared to teach, monitor students' learning progressions, adjust teaching practices where necessary and reduce the predictability of who succeeds and fails with purposeful guidance, support and follow up for all. Keep this in mind as you open up the school year and greet your students.

I want to thank our teachers, support staff, and administrative team for working diligently and collaboratively to prepare for the reopening of our schools.  I also want to thank all members of our staff who worked throughout the summer to provide educational programming for our students.  

The first day for staff is Thursday, September 2, 2021 and the first day for students is Wednesday, September 8, 2021. On September 2nd and 3rd your school principal will provide specific details regarding safety protocols and professional development. 

I have no doubt unexpected challenges await us. However, we are ready to Prepare, Empower, and Inspire our students. 


Thank you, 

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson 
Superintendent of Schools