August 28, 2020 — Welcome Back Staff!

Message from the Superintendent of Schools

August 28, 2020 

Dear District Staff, 

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year, which is beginning like no other school year we have experienced. If you haven’t done so yet, I want you to pause and realize that what you are doing MATTERS!  It matters for our students and for the well being of our society because you strive to prepare the young minds of our FUTURE. If you have not been told yet, and from the bottom of our heart, we THANK YOU for your service to the students and families in New Brunswick. 

As you are aware, we engaged in virtual instruction during the Spring, but starting the year with a full day online learning format will be unique. To navigate through it successfully, the most effective strategy will be purposeful planning and a collaborative effort.  We are serving in an environment that is changing daily, which is impacted by many moving parts. Let’s remember that whether the day is challenging or smooth, we will come through this together and we all are part of the New Brunswick Public Schools team.  

Now, with at least several months of virtual teaching and learning  in our immediate future, I encourage you each to ponder the following essential questions  

  • How are you building relationships with all your students and providing them an opportunity for deeper learning?

  • How are you becoming aware of your own assumptions, attitudes, and expectations of student learners?

  • How are you reflecting on your own personal biases and deepening your own understanding of culture, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, region, and learning differences that will build strong relationships and create dynamic learning experiences for all students? 


What’s absolutely essential is that we continue to provide all of our students with the tools and instruction necessary to succeed virtually, in-person and, by extension, the world in which they live.  We must work together to implement strategies with supportive relationships and learning opportunities that are required to promote all our students’ well-being and intellectual development. Prepare, Empower and Inspire

On Tuesday, September 1st, all staff is required to attend all scheduled building level re-entry meetings. Certified staff members will have professional development sessions on September 2 (Wednesday), September 3 (Thursday), and September 4 (Friday). Complete details will be available on Monday, August 30th. 

Our first day of instruction is Tuesday, September 8th.  Let’s be ready to Prepare, Empower, and Inspire our students to be lifelong learners and leaders. They’ve already had an unusual calendar year and will continue facing unique circumstances as the school year unfolds. Fortunately, they’re flexible and highly adaptive. So, with our support and guidance, they’ll take lessons from the pandemic experience and eventually return to their respective school buildings better prepared than ever to thrive as students and human beings.  

Thank you, 

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson 
Superintendent of Schools