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Invent 2 Prevent


The NBHS Zebras recently participated in Invent 2 Prevent, a national program aimed at promoting conflict resolution skills in schools and communities. The goal of this initiative is to end violence and hateful speech and to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

Invent 2 Prevent is an organization that focuses on empowering young people to take action against violence and conflict. By providing resources and support to students, Invent 2 Prevent aims to prevent violence before it occurs, rather than reacting to it after the fact.

Through their participation in this program, our students developed a powerful message of peace and unity. The slogan "NB 4 PEACE" was created to spread awareness of the importance of conflict resolution and the impact that it can have on our communities. This message is not only important for our school but for the world as a whole.

Our students worked hard to create this message and bring awareness to the importance of conflict resolution skills. They recognize the value of promoting peace and unity in our community and have taken the first step in creating positive change.

In addition to promoting conflict resolution skills, Invent 2 Prevent provides a variety of resources and support to schools and communities. Their website offers helpful tips and tools for conflict resolution, as well as information on how to start a violence prevention program in your school or community.

We are proud to have participated in the Invent 2 Prevent program and to have created a meaningful message of peace and unity. It is our hope that this initiative will inspire others to take action against violence and hate speech and to work towards creating a safer and more inclusive world.

NB 4                   
P - Pause and walk away
E - Encourage Conversation and Eliminate Hate
A - Agree to Disagree
C - Compromise and Consider Resolution
E - End the violence and evoke change