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Summer Assignments 2022

AP AB & BC Calculus
Mr. Huber

Assignment Title: Summer Packets
For BC Calc
Classroom Code: cu5yifx
For AB Calc
Classroom Code: 7bejnde
AEnglish Literature & Composition (AP Lit)
Mr. McDermott
Assignments Title: AP Lit Summer Assignment: Orwell's 1984 and Ibsen's Doll's House
Link to Assignment Information (Google Doc or PDF): AP Literature Summer Assignment Overview
Google Classroom Code: dffxzhu
AP English Language & Composition
Mrs. Patterson
Classroom Code: kvurs2o
All students must join the classroom for updates.
AP Statistics
Mr. Dziuba
AP Statistics Summer Work
Google Classroom Code: zvgecul
AP Art
Mr. Lago

A lot happens in late summer and early fall as preparations take shape for the first day of classes.

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