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August 10, 2016 — Letter to the Community

Dear School Community,  

As a follow up to our May 31, 2016 letter on water testing in our schools, I would like to share the latest update. Since that time, additional tests were conducted on the 14 water sources that needed remediation. These tests led to our replacing, repairing, or removing several water sources.

There are four (4) water sources that still require action. These include one fountain in the Middle School and two fountains and one sink in McKinley School. These water sources have been removed from service since our initial testing.

Health and safety are our primary concern. That is why we are taking every precaution in our testing and remedial action.  As I’ve previously noted, children are far more likely to come in contact with lead at home, whether from paint or water,  than they are at school. If you have concerns, I recommend you discuss the risks of lead poisoning with your healthcare provider.

For additional information, please note this helpful infographic (see link), “Lead in Drinking Water at Schools and Child Care Centers.”

Anything we can do to ensure the health of our families, including having the school district’s water supply thoroughly and regularly assessed, is well worth the effort. At New Brunswick Public Schools, we’re strongly committed to safeguarding everyone’s health.


Aubrey Johnson

Superintendent of Schools


(Click here for full follow up lead test report for Lincoln Annex)

(Click here for full follow up lead test report for remaining locations)

(Click here for NJ DOE water testing regulations)