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October 16, 2016 — Letter to the Community

Dear School Community,

I’m pleased to share this latest update on our school district’s water testing, which follows earlier updates issued on May 4, May 31, and August 10. The most recent round of testing has confirmed that the drinking water in New Brunswick Public Schools is safe for consumption and further remediation is not necessary.

As you may recall from our August 10, 2016 communication, after multiple tests, as well as our repairing, replacing, or removing various water sources there remained three (3) fountains and one (1) sink that required further remediation. One of these fountains was in the Middle School; the other three (3) sources were in McKinley School. It is these four water sources that were cleared by the latest water test.

Certainly, our primary concern is the health of our students and all others who consume water in our schools. This is why we were proactive in the testing of 181 water sources throughout our school district, and it’s why we intend to continue testing on an ongoing, annual basis. It’s also worth noting, once again, that children are far more likely to come in contact with lead at home, whether from paint or water, than they are in school.

If you have concerns, I recommend you discuss the risks of lead poisoning with your healthcare provider.

(Click here for full latest lead test report) 

Thank you,

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

Superintendent of Schools