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April 28, 2017 — Letter to the Community

Dear School Community,

I’m pleased to share with you this latest update on our school district’s drinking water – and to follow up on four communications from 2016 (May 4, May 31, August 10, and October 6).

Earlier in the current school year, and working closely with our partners at the state level, we remediated 14 water sources that had shown readings beyond the acceptable, legal limit for lead.  Since then, we’ve gone ahead and remediated every other district water source with even a trace of lead, though we weren’t legally obliged to do so. To be clear, none of the 10 additional water sources that fell into this category had readings exceeding the acceptable limit (15 parts per billion), but we decided to go above-and-beyond by remediating them.

The complete and most updated lead testing report is available by clicking here. A summary of lead testing, taken from within the April 13-19, 2016 lead test report, is available by clicking here.

I believe our consistent attention to the district’s drinking water further demonstrates how committed we are to the health of our students and everyone else who consumes water in our schools. This is why we are committed to continuing to test our water sources on an ongoing, annual basis, though state regulations require testing only once every six years.

It’s also worth noting that children are far more likely to come in contact with lead at home than they are in school. If you have concerns, I recommend you discuss the risks of lead poisoning with your healthcare provider.


Thank you,

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson
Superintendent of Schools