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September 13, 2018 — Letter to the Community

Dear School Community,

I am pleased to inform you that New Brunswick Public Schools has completed its annual, comprehensive testing of water sources (335 in total), including those in all facilities utilized by students. As they were last year, the results for 2018 were extremely favorable, and we can definitively say that all operational district water sources; water fountains, kitchen/food prep equipment, ice machines, and sinks are safe.

The majority of the hits on our first round of testing performed this summer occurred in fixtures that had been out of service or unused for extended periods of time. We immediately retested all fixtures that showed a presence of lead and were able to remedy the majority of them prior to the start of school. The remaining 12 fixtures that could not be remediated were immediately taken out of service before the start of the school year. The current water testing reports are available by clicking here.

We’ll continue to test our water sources on an annual basis, despite state regulations that require testing only once every six years. This level of attention to the district’s drinking water highlights our commitment to the health of our students and everyone else who consumes water in our schools. 

As a reminder, children are far more likely to come in contact with lead at home than at their school. If you have concerns, I recommend you discuss the risks of lead poisoning with your healthcare provider.

Thank you,
Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson
Superintendent of Schools