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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

October 15, 2020 

Dear School Community, 

New Brunswick Public Schools is committed to celebrating the social, cultural and historical contributions of the LatinX Community with our students and our school family all year long, inclusive of Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated every year from September 15 to October 15. In the past we have celebrated Hispanic culture through school projects, art shows, festivals and much more. Unfortunately, due to full virtual instruction we were not able to have in-person celebrations. We were however, able to engage in virtual explorations of famous Hispanic authors, mathematicians and scientists, virtual field trips to Argentina, Mexico and Costa Rica, and interact in a virtual read aloud led by one of our very own administrators, Ms. Nadine Sanchez, Livingston School Principal.  

I encourage you to continue to celebrate Hispanic heritage this month and all year round by exploring Hispanic history and culture with your students and affirming how our rich diversity in New Brunswick Public Schools and across the country keeps our communities strong.  Learning about the contributions of both Hispanic and LatinX Americans helps to enhance the dignity, confidence and pride of our students who identify themselves as so. Even more importantly, it is fundamental to understand and celebrate the ethnic diversity of our country.  

Not only this month but throughout the year, inspired by our own students and the dedicated wisdom of our diverse community members, we are committed to providing a culturally responsive educational experience to the youth of New Brunswick Public Schools by integrating all cultures in our classrooms to develop the ethnic literacy of all students.  In our calling to foster pride in one’s own culture as well as a respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of other cultures, we have engaged in the following critical work:

  • Integrating new novels in the Humanities Department to serve as a mirror, window, and a sliding glass door for our students
  • Engaging staff in professional learning opportunities to develop cultural competence for the purpose of creating an environment that is intellectually and socially safe for all students
  • Forming an Equity Alliance committee to engage in a collaborative learning process to identify and tackle persistent problems of practice resulting in inequities and to implement structural, pedagogical, and curricular initiatives that correct disparities in the educational outcomes of all students

 Additional Hispanic Heritage Month educational digital resources offering short articles, video concerts, documentaries and more for teachers and students are found below:



Virginia L. Hill

Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction