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November 18, 2020 — November Update Letter

November 18, 2020 

Dear Lincoln Annex School Parents/Guardians, 

As the current, 2020-2021 school year progresses into the holiday season, our district continues planning for the entirely new educational facility that will replace what had been Lincoln Annex School. We are working on an architectural draft design for the state-of-the-art structure to be built at 50 Jersey Avenue. You may view our architect’s sketch here. I trust it will provide you with an even clearer understanding of how exceptional this building is going to be. 

Of course, a great deal of work remains to be done before New Brunswick students begin learning at their new school, and I’ll continue providing regular updates as we move forward with this project. 

Thank you,  

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson 
Superintendent of Schools 


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