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July 1, 2020 — Lincoln Annex School Update

July 1, 2020

Dear Lincoln Annex School Parents/Guardians, 

With the 2019-2020 school year having concluded, I’d like to provide you an update on Lincoln Annex School. We are moving forward with the exchange agreement with New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), which would involve building our students a new, state-of-the-art educational facility at 50 Jersey Avenue.  This new school would be constructed during a three-year period, at which time Lincoln Annex School students would temporarily relocate to our Pathways Campus at 40 Van Dyke Avenue, beginning with the upcoming (2020-21) school year.   

What is essential to understand is that we’re taking advantage of a unique opportunity to build our students a completely new school featuring a playground, more than 100 parking spaces, a larger gymnasium,  a larger cafeteria, larger classrooms, a multipurpose room, and a convenient drop-off/pickup location for buses and parents/guardians. In addition, the entire New Brunswick community will gain access to a new Cancer Pavilion -- providing diagnosis, treatment, and care for cancer patients -- that will be built on the site of the current Lincoln Annex School. 

I trust this update provides a clear picture of the project’s current status. All plans are under review, and additional details will be forthcoming later this summer.


Thank you,


Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson 
Superintendent of Schools 


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