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Change in Calendar

Service, Buildings & Grounds and Maintenance staff.

Good afternoon all,  

Yesterday's damaging rain, wind and flooding caused inconvenience for many. Your well-being is of utmost importance to us.  In light of these recent inclement weather events, district staff are NOT to report to their school/office building on Friday, September 3rd, other than School Security, Food Service, Buildings & Grounds, and Maintenance personnel who will follow the regular inclement weather procedures.  

The district will follow its regular schedule on Friday, September 3, 2021, virtually, which is the 2nd day back for all instructional staff from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. All other staff will follow their regular work schedule remotely. 

Conditions permitting, the district will return to full in-person on Wednesday, September 8th for all district staff members. First day for in-person learning for students will be Thursday, September 9th.

Thank you, 

New Brunswick Public Schools