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Game 24 - Day 3 Resuts

 It's been an AMAZING 3 days of competition and while Friday marked the end of it, our 7th and 8th graders did NOT let us down! Each and every one of them worked super hard to rack up points for the school and for themselves. It was a very close competition. 
We went into the semi-finals with a quite a few LNA competitors in the top 16. The students played hard and gave it their all, but in the end there could only be 4 players in the finals. Of the 6 schools represented in the competition, 4 of them had a player in the finals. We are proud to tell you that Lincoln Annex was among that 4, represented by 8th grader Daisy B. 
While Daisy was hard at work in the finals trying to earn her placement, the others were all hard at work at their tables earning more and more points towards Lincoln Annex's overall score. It is with GREAT JOY that we inform you that Daisy took home 3rd place overall individual winner. LNA and Paul Robeson were REALLY close in overall school points, and our students were able to secure our spot as 3rd place for the schools. Each of our students received a medal for this HUGE accomplishment. The overall 1st place trophy went to New Brunswick Middle School.
24 Game - Day 3