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Game 24 - Day 1 Results

We'd like to congratulate all of our student particpants in  Day 1 of the distrcit Game 24 event. ALL played an awesome game, and worked really hard to bring Lincoln Annex home in 2nd place overall.

As for individuals, we had 2 players make it into the final 4. Coming in at 3rd place was Elias C. and in 1st place as the top 6th grade player in the district, a huge congratulations goes to Mervyn M! 

Congratulations and job well done goes to each and every participant. They all worked hard, giving up recess many times for practice. They should all be congratulated! 


1 24-1

1 24-2

1 24-3

1 24-4

1 24-5

1 24-6