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  • A quality Health and Physical Education Program supports the physical, intellectual and social-emotional development of students. When students maintain an adequate level of physical fitness and make healthy choices, the conditions and opportunities for learning increase. For these reasons, Health and Physical Education play an integral role in a comprehensive educational program. To facilitate these optimal levels of wellness, the Physical Education, Health and Wellness Department is committed to delivering a comprehensive, sequential curriculum K-12. The program will engage and help inspire students to pursue a lifetime of fitness related activiites and health decisions.

    The goal of the districts Physical Education program is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to value and apply physical activity and its benefits for a lifetime. Through movement and sport activites, students will gain an appreciation for personal fitness and other team building skills needed to foster a healthy productive lifestyle. Each lesson is planned to maximize the amount of time students are engaged in moderate to rigorous physical activity.

    The goal of the districts Health program is to provide students with the skills and health literacy necessary to make informed decisions. Students will gain valuable knowledge that is needed to address health concerns at various stages of development. Students are encouraged to achieve optimal health through recognizing health issues and applying preventative strategies to promote optimum wellness.

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