Welcome to the Humanities Department! Here you will find resources to support both English Language Arts and Social Studies.



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    Welcome to the New Brunswick Public School Humanities Department.  In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  The mission of the humanities department is to assist students as they develop an increasingly complex understanding of themselves and the world around them through exposure to a variety of culturally responsive fiction and non-fiction texts, primary source documents, and current event resources that are inclusive of the diverse perspectives and peoples of our society.  Because we believe that language is at the heart of all human interaction, our goal is for students to develop language through reading, writing, and speaking, and listening, in order to become civically engaged, globally aware, and socially responsible. The goal of our department is to provide students with a combination of literacy skills and historical knowledge, focused on reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, effective speaking, and lucid writing, so that each student can receive, access, process, and produce information as required to communicate, think critically, gain knowledge, and becoming a lifelong learner in our complex 21st-century society. 

    We believe:

    • Language is integral to thinking and learning.
    • Language learning is progressive at an individual rate throughout the K-12 experience.
    • Students must acquire a foundation of skills and strategies that can be applied in a variety of visual, written, technological, and oral communications.
    •  Language is used to communicate and evaluate information across all content areas.
    • ALL students can learn to communicate effectively for purposes through instruction and real-world applications.