Welcome to 2nd grade!  

    We are learning so much and preparing your child for the third grade.  In second grade we are becoming more independent and learning to explain our thinking in Language Arts and Math.   

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    Current Units of Study  

    Language Arts MP 1

    We are working on many different skills in Language Arts.  During the first marking period we will be focusing on:

    -learning more about words and sounds letters make

    - using punctuation at the end of sentences

    -determining the difference between complete and incomplete sentences

    -writing a personal narrative

    -examining the structure of stories

    -exploring different parts of speech


    Math MP 1

    We are learning about why numbers and place value is so important.  These skills help us for the rest of the school year!  During the first marking period we will be focusing on:

    -exploring number concepts

    -understanding place value up to 1,000

    -determining number relationships

    -creating basic addition and subtraction facts


    Science MP 1

    During the first marking period, we will be studying a unit on matter.  During this time students will be:

    -identifying and describing the three properties of matter

    -predict how matter responds to heating and cooling

    -analyze differences in how matter reacts differently

    -explore changing states of matter


    Social Studies MP 1

    We are exploring the world around us in Social Studies!  During the first marking period we will be:

    -determining the difference between rules and laws

    -explaining why rules and laws are important

    -explore how goods move from place to place

    -recognize the different types of communities

    -analyze what it means to be a good citizen