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    Welcome to 1st Grade

    Our teachers work together to teach, love, and inspire.

    Meet the 1st Grade teachers: Mrs. Bernard, Mrs. Lee , Miss Dunnigan, Ms. Gordillo, Mrs. Bua, Mrs. Puzio, Mrs. Santiago-Rodriguez, Ms. Oliveras and Mrs. Saballette. 

    Please join our Google Classroom using code:   

    Gisel Puzio d5r537u
    Jasmine Santiago Rodriguez soisy5a
    Michelle Bernard bwadpzy
    Mollie Dunnigan/Jenny Lee 6efdqn3
    Valerie Gordillo/ Lori Bua qyjn2n4
    Egnita Pardo kvfi5fm


    Current Units of Study

    Language Arts: Story Structure & launching How To Writer’s Workshop 

    Upcoming : Understanding Characters and How to Writer’s Workshop 

    Math: Addition and Subtraction


    IXL, Raz Kids, Smarty Ants, StarFall, Prodigy