•                  Welcome to 1st Grade


    Mrs. Bua, Ms. Guzman, Mrs. Liott, Mrs. Oliveras-Hsia, Mrs. Pardo, 

    Mrs. Puzio, Mrs. Saballette, and Mrs. Santiago-Rodriguez


    We are so excited to work with your child this school year.  

    Our teachers work together to teach, love, and inspire.


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    Bua/ Saballette tyh3tza
    Guzman x5wmgub
    Oliveras  akkmtn4


    Units of Study

    Language Arts

    Students will be able to differentiate between fiction and nonfiction texts.  They will use key details of a text to ask and answer questions.  They will provide a description of characters, setting, or events from a story using illustrations and details from the text. They will draw and write a narrative piece on a specific topic. 


    Students will be able to add and subtract within 20.  They will be using pictures and models to help them build fluency.  

    Social Studies  

    Students will determine what is fair and unfair in their community and the world. They will identify how to solve conflicts with others and treat all people with respect by following rules.


    Students will understand that sound is transmitted by vibrations and that light is required to see objects.  If an object is placed in the path of a beam of light, a shadow will be created or the light will pass through the object.



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