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    Welcome Redshaw School Community!

    Please know that you are valued. We welcome you to our school!

    We believe that it is important for schools, parents, and the community to work together to promote the health, wellbeing, and learning of all students. We invite you to our school. Please know that if you would like to visit your child’s classroom, you can schedule an appointment via the main office staff. By calling ahead of time, we can make sure that we personalize everyone’s visit. Please contact us at any time at 732-745-5300 x 7500.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at our monthly scheduled PTO Nights!

    Upcoming PTO Nights

    January 7, 2019 – Math Fun Night

    February 4, 2019

    March 4, 2019 - Literacy Fun Night

    April 8, 2019

    May 6, 2019

    June 3, 2018