• 4th

    Fourth Grade is a new addition to Lincoln Elementary School this year and we are very excited to have our students work alongside their peers from their early learning journey for another year within the same school! Fourth Grade is a very important year in school because our Lincoln students are preparing to venture into new beginnings come 5th Grade. We are constantly finding new ways to think critically, problem solve collaboratively, respond to text on a deeper level and overall build knowledge on previous concepts across all content areas. 

    We are here to help you become the best devoted learners you can be!

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    Current Units of Study: Unit #1

    Language Arts

    Reading: ​Reading & Responding to Text 

    Novel: One Crazy Summer (Monolingual)/ Matilda (Bilingual)

    Writing: Opinion Writing Piece 


    Use​ ​Place​ ​Value​ ​Understanding of​ ​Whole​ ​Numbers​ ​to​ ​Solve Problems

    Social Studies

    Historical Civil Rights Movements Past & Present


    Processes That Shape The Earth  


    What can you do at home to help your child? 

    • Make sure your child is logging on to their Chromebooks by 8:50am daily for homeroom attendance on Google Meet with their teachers.
    • Try to create a distraction-free zone for your 4th grader to learn in. 
    • Encourage your child to eat well balanced meals and get a good night sleep!
    • Remind your child that this current way of learning is new to everyone and they can do it!
    • Make sure your child is reading a book that is on their level for at least 20 minutes every night. If they do not have books at home they can access books on the computer.
    • The best time to charge Chromebooks and devices is at night so they are ready for the next day of learning.
    • Communicate with teachers on their preferred way of communication: Class Dojo or Talking Points! This will keep students engaged in their learning.


    What to do if you are having issues or have a broken device?

    • Visit the Device Depot located at: 


    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays


    Tuesdays, Thursdays


    Community Room

    New Brunswick Middle School


    Multipurpose Room

    Device Depot will continue throughout the year. 

    Middle School 

    Gymnasium Entrance

    You can also reach Tech Support by calling (732) 745-5300 ext. 5555 

    Woodrow Wilson

    Tunison Road Entrance

    Calls can be placed  the hours of 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. 


    Important Websites and Resources 



    Social Studies



    This is a wonderful  website that can be used for practicing Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies skills! All skills are separated by grade level so students can build on current and revisit previous knowledge by participating in standards-based practice to explore and learn!

    Scholastic Literacy Pro

    On this website you  will get to explore a variety of books that can be adjusted to not only your child’s reading level, but their interests as well. Think of this as a virtual library where your child can take out as many books as possible, without the trouble of walking to your local public library or worrying about overdue books. This awesome website will encourage your children to read and actually enjoy it. This website will also be used for our small group instruction time, when we get to meet with your child and work on their reading skills. This will help develop your child into a stronger reader and raise their reading levels as well.


    NewsEla is an amazing website that we will be using for both ELA and Social Studies this year! It has many articles available to students that help us cover many viewpoints and information from events both past and present! This website has many tools made accessible to students that help us better reach the needs of all learners!  

    Mystery Science

    We will be using this website in our Science lessons however there are more resources that your student may be interested in. Our ultimate purpose is to ensure the next generation of children grow up and see that it’s an amazing world we live in, full of possibility and wonder—and that they develop the ability to figure things out for themselves. 

    Braining Camp

    This website is new this school year and serves as a Digital Manipulative Resource that will be very useful as we continue to learn remotely. Most students were reliant on these resources in school therefore they may find it beneficial to visit this website when thinking critically and problem solving. They are known as the most popular manipulatives at your fingertips that ensure the hands-on experience.

    Epic Books

    Have you ever wished you had your own gigantic library? The great thing about this website is that you can read tons of different books right from your home! You have the option to listen to books and read books on your own and get help with any words that you are unsure of. This website is a great way to help build reading fluency and comprehension. Be sure to talk about the books that you have read! 

    BrainPop Jr

    BrainPop is a great website for helping bring people, events and ideas to life. BrainPop contains short videos about a topic or idea that students will be exploring. Sometimes we will ask that your child completes a quiz or assignment after they have watched the video clip. This website is a great tool if you are looking to find out more about a specific topic, or just need a review! 


    Your student should be familiar with this website. We will be using this for many different topics, not just Science. We like the video resources as well as the games that go along with it. 

    Khan Academy

    This is another site where students can visit to have a refresh of a lesson or even get additional practice. There are guided lessons and videos that provide clear directions about all units of study!

    Learning Ally

    This is an additional website that helps with reading! We will be using this website to help us listen to our novels. If you need review your novels or review specific questions, please use this website to help you! 


    National Geographic Kids

    National Geographic Kids is a treasure trove of educational information. Parents can use the games, videos, and other resources to teach kids about animals, other countries, science, and related topics.


    BrainPOP ELL

    BrainPOP ELL is an amazing site that uses engaging animated movies to model conversational English. BrainPOP ELL’s structure enables students to master the language in a step-by-step process, giving them the confidence they need to read and speak English.