Mental Health Resources

  • We understand that this health concern does not only affect people physically, but it may also cause some anxiety. Below are some resources to support those who may need it.

    Union First 
    Contact person is Jeffrey Meyer(609) 539-3939 or

    The Florida House Health Experience (based in New Jersey)
    Contact is Wayne Dibofsky(908) 513-9949 or

    WARM LINE by the NJ Department of Human Services 
    For individuals experiencing uncertainty or anxiety. Call (877) 294-HELP, (866) 202-HELP, (877) 294-4356


    NJ 2-1-1 Website

    NJ 2-1-1 ( has been launched to assist with handling COVID-19 calls from NJ residents. Residents can also text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive live text assistance and to stay informed. 

Hygiene Practices

  • The wellness of students and staff is of the utmost importance. To be proactive in preventing illness such as the flu, here is a reminder of prevention techniques to minimize the likelihood of spreading germs and bacteria.

    Please read and practice the following hygiene practices to help minimize the chance of spreading such germs.

    1. Wash you hands frequently with soap and water and avoid the urge to touch your face.
    2. Rather than shaking hands, it is highly recommended to hand or elbow bump.
    3. Do not share personal items such as lip balm, makeup, drinks, and food, eating utensils, ear buds, musical instruments, towels and sporting equipment.
    4. If you need to cough or sneeze, make sure to do so into your sleeve or a tissue and then wash your hands as soon as possible.
    5. Hand sanitizer is helpful. However, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is more effective.
    6. Staying healthy, keeping your immune system strong is your best defense to minimize the affects of germs that cause flu and other common viruses. Students and staff are encouraged to get enough sleep and exercise, eat food that is nourishing and well balanced. Avoid eating foods that contain too much sugar and excessive fats. Fruits and vegetables provide natural vitamins and healthy nutrients that your body needs to work at keeping you healthy.

    Thank you, for caring for yourself and for doing what you can to decrease the spreading of germs.

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Google Classroom

Below you will find Google Classroom codes for each teacher throughout New Brunswick Public Schools. Use the folders by finding your school and your teacher's classroom codes to complete homework.

*Google Classroom codes can only be accessed using a
New Brunswick Public Schools district login.

Find more resources like this for remote learning
on the NBPS Continuity of Teaching and Learning website.

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Last Modified on September 22, 2020