Teacher Communications through TalkingPoints

  • Talking Points is a free district-wide communication app that allows families to easily connect with teachers and principals.

    Here’s how it works: Your child’s teacher or principal will send you a text message and you will receive the message through SMS text or the Talking Points parent App. You can reply back through either the app or through text message.  

    There’s no charge if you have an unlimited texting plan. If not, standard text messaging fees apply - You can unsubscribe at any time by texting GOODBYE. - Download the TalkingPoints for Parents Mobile App in the app store on iPhone or Android

    Parents should be able to see all of their children’s teachers when they download the Parents Mobile App. If you do not see all of your children’s teachers, you are not receiving messages, or all of the child’s guardians are not receiving messages, please contact your child’s school and check the following items:

    • Make sure that the correct individual(s) are identified as a guardian with your child's school.
    • The guardian(s) have a Cell Phone contact type associated with them with the current text-enabled cell phone number listed. A cell phone number is required so a guardian can receive text messages through Talking Points.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will TalkingPoints be used to communicate with students?

    No. Text-based communication are directed to parent/guardians that are listed in OnCourse.

    How do I opt out of TalkingPoints?

    If you receive a text message, you can unsubscribe by texting back "stop" or "goodbye" at any time in your home language.

    How will I know if my child's school is using TalkingPoints?

    You will get a text message with an introduction to the tool from your child’s principal or classroom teacher. Your child’s school may also include information in a family newsletter or by robocall.  

    What if I want to change my language preference?

    Your child's teacher can change the language preference directly in TalkingPoints.

    What if families don't want to use their data plan? What if families don't have unlimited text messaging?

    Families can use the free TalkingPoints Parent Mobile App if they don't want to use their mobile data plan. The Parent Mobile Application is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

    Is there a character limit?

    Yes. 300 characters per text.

    Can an educator attach a PDF or other documents to a text?

    Yes, educators will be able to attach documents. Please remember that TalkingPoints only translates the body of the text – not the attachment. School staff will need to translate all attached documents.

    How often is data updated in OnCourse Connect, the student information system? If I update my contact information when will it be available in TalkingPoints?

    There is a nightly update process. Any changes made in OnCourse Connect will be reflected in district communication tools the following day, including TalkingPoints, the district mobile communications app, and SchoolMessenger (phone calls and emails).

    Why is it important the family contacts/phone numbers are up to date?

    TalkingPoints and many other communication systems (SchoolMessenger) receive the data from TalkingPoints so we must keep the source data accurate. In the event of a districtwide emergency, we need to be able to reach families.

    How do families update contact information?

    Please contact your child's school to update your parental contact information.  

    Still have questions? Please send questions to information@nbpsnj.net and we will add to the FAQ. 

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