Professional Development

A happy teacher smiles during a professional development session.
  • Professional Development Goal 1: To engage in reflective practice about our own identities and lens through which we view the world, to better honor the identities of the students/community we serve and reduce the predictability of who succeeds and who fails.


    Professional Development Goal 2: To increase student achievement by developing, implementing and evaluating a common practice

    • of designing cognitively engaging, high-level, student-centered tasks that is equitable, measurable and aligned to the standards
    • of purposeful differentiated questioning to assess and advance all students equitably through the learning process
    • that equitably advances each student’s ability to construct logical arguments that require students to cite evidence.

    Professional Development Goal 3:  To ensure equitable integration and utilization of transformative technology in the  classroom.


  • Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding Professional Development!

    Zuleima I. Perez
    Director of Human Resources 
    (732) 745-5300