Message from the Board of Education

  • Any organization that desires to stay on track and succeed needs a plan. A school district is no exception.

    That’s why, in July of 2015, we charged our new superintendent, Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson, with overseeing the development of a comprehensive, five-year Strategic Plan for New Brunswick Public Schools. It was a weighty assignment – when your district includes 13 schools and more than 10,000 students, there’s much to consider. Which is why this plan is such an exceptional document. A huge amount of work went into it – by Dr. Johnson, his administrators, faculty, and staff; our districts’ students and parents; and by those of us on the board, as well – and the final results are terrific.

    This plan will provide the Board of Education with a tool to regularly assess progress in six Priority Areas, from Rigorous Academic Programs, Human Capital, and Community Engagement, to Student Accountability, Theme-Based Schools, and Health and Wellness. And it will provide Dr. Johnson and his team with tangible, specific goals and, also, guidelines for how and when these goals can be achieved.

    Further, the Strategic Plan features both a vision and a mission statement; two effective tools for making clear our goals and aspirations. From the vision statement comes what we consider to be an extremely powerful phrase that states what we intend to do as a school district – “Prepare, Empower, Inspire.” Three words to remind all of us within New Brunswick Public Schools what it is we’re working to achieve.

    As the New Brunswick Board of Education, we’re proud of this Strategic Plan and the tremendous effort that created it. We’re confident it will help us provide better educational service and support to the young people of our community now, and years into the future.

    New Brunswick Board of Education