Research and Data Requests

  • In accordance with district procedures and protocols, all educational research must be approved in advance by the Superintendent. To obtain approval, a written application must be submitted to the Independent Research Request Committee (IRRC) for review; under the auspices of the Office of Assessments, Program Evaluation and Planning.

    The IRRC will not recommend any research project that may impede or disrupt an instructional program; nor a project design that fails to meet strict standards of anonymity and confidentially.

    NOTE: Approval will be granted only to the research projects that serve the interest of students and the educational programs of New Brunswick Public Schools. Approval is conditional based on the researcher’s adherence to district procedures throughout the study. Upon completion of the research study, an official copy of the findings must be provided within 60 days to the Office of Assessments, Program Evaluation and Planning, New Brunswick Public Schools, 268 Baldwin Street, PO Box 2683 New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2683 or an electronic copy to