• Administrative Team

    School Principal, Ms. Erica H. Campbell

    Erica Campbell has served the New Brunswick School Community for 22 years. Ms. Campbell began her career in New Brunswick in 1998 as a paraprofessional at McKinley Community School. Before her role as the Pathways Middle School Principal, Ms. Campbell served as a Vice Principal at Roosevelt Elementary School and Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Ms. Campbell taught third-grade, fifth-grade, sixth-grade, and Middle School Talented Gifted Social Studies at McKinley Community School in New Brunswick. Ms. Campbell has also served as a 3rd grade lead teacher and McKinley School Head Teacher. Ms. Campbell served as a model teacher through the Rutgers University Fellow through the  Lesson Study Model Teacher Program. Campbell also served as a Literacy Coach for Children’s Literacy Initiative, a national organization focused on developing teacher literacy practices while building student love of literacy. Ms. Campbell's leadership is grounded in the belief that there is a genius bound up in every child. Ms. Campbell embraces the role of developing a restorative culture that focuses on developing a safe and secure academic and social-emotional environment for Pathways staff, students and their families. 

    Secretary, Ms. Carmen Rivera


    Lead Security, Raymond Guzmon

    Ray Guzman joined Pathways Middle School in September 2023. Mr. Guzman believes that safety and security also come with knowing the students you serve and supporting the teachers and staff who engage with students daily in the classroom. Mr. Guzman is responsible for ensuring seamless communication is developed between building leadership, staff and the security team daily.


    Head Custodian, Mr. Brown

    Mr. Brown has served the children of New Brunswick for 30 years. Mr. Brown began at Pathways since its inception on July 1, 2023. Mr. Brown and the Pathways Custodial Staff ensure that Pathways School is ready for students daily. 


    Technology/Web Advisor, Ms. Jennifer Olawski

    Jennifer Olawski is our website administrator. She is currently a Pathways Physical Education and Health Teacher and has been teaching for 15 years. Ms. Olawski was also the 2020 Middlesex County Teacher of the Year and New Brunswick Public School’s Teacher of the Year. Ms. Olawski is also one of our Intramural Sports Club Advisors and a meaningful mentor.



    Student Support Services


    School Social Worker, Mrs. Barbara Ruggieri

    Mrs. Barbara Ruggieri has worked in the field of social work for 20 years.  She began her career at the Division of Children and Families, where her focus was creating safe environments for children while providing support to families. Mrs. Ruggieri focuses on ensuring the positive social and emotional growth of each student and also to enhance the well-being of each student. Mrs. Ruggieri joined Pathways Middle School in September of 2023. She currently serves as our school social worker. Mrs. Ruggieri is chairperson of the Climate and Culture Committee and supports as Co-Chairperson of the Intervention Referral Services Team.


    School Counselor, Ms. Vasquez

    Ms. Vasquez began her career in education in New York City where she served as a school counselor for 5 years. This is Ms. Vasquez’s 6th year in education. She joined Pathways Middle School as the school counselor in September of 2023. Ms. Vasquez is the chairperson of Intervention Referral Services Team and serves as Co-chair of the Culture and Climate Committee. Ms. Vasquez supports students with academics, social growth and behavior.

    Teacher Leadership


    Ms. Tanisha Cooley the English Language Arts Specialist. Ms. Cooley was an English Language Arts Teacher for eight years prior to becoming an ELA specialist. She is now serving in her sixth year as an ELA specialist. Ms. Cooley comes to Pathways with a plethora of experience  and knowledge in literacy. Ms. Cooley provides targeted intervention support in small groups. Ms. She also provides training and coaching to English Language Arts and Social Studies Teachers.  Teachers are coached in a weekly cycle utilizing the New Brunswick Public School’s coaching model. She also trains teachers who will engage students in ELA strategies during the What I Need Intervention Block daily. 

    Rouxana Ceron joined New Brunswick Public Schools in October 2023 with 12 years of teaching experience and 3 years of teacher mentorship with the Transformative Education Network at Montclair State University. She has taught in various roles including self contained and inclusion, ranging from grades first through sixth. Mrs. Ceron is currently Pathways Special Education Literacy Resource Coach. In this role she provides support to Special Education teachers in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics by utilizing the New Brunswick Public School’s coaching model.

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  • Name Title Email address
    Ms. Campbell Principal erica_campbell@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Lineen Nurse amanda_lineen@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. St Hill Teacher ana_sthill@nbpsnj.net
    Mr. Denburg Teacher andrew_denburg@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Ruggieri Social Worker barbara_ruggieri@nbpsnj.net
    Mr. Tapia Teacher carlos_tapia@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Acevedo Family Liason carmen_acevedo@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Puerta Teacher carolina_puerta@nbpsnj.net
    Mr. Bento Teacher daniel_bento@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Dagraca Teacher danielle_dagraca@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Chatman Teacher deidra_chatman@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Mosco Teacher gabriella_mosco@nbpsnj.net
    Mr. Stern Teacher harris_stern@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Serra Teacher hatice_serra@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Olawski Teacher jennifer_olawski@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Scott Teacher lora_scott@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Vasquez Guidance Counselor marielyn_vasquez@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Hochfelsen Teacher melanie_hochfelsen@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Oakes Teacher melissa_oakes@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Jaquez Secretary michel_jaquez@nbpsnj.net
    Mr. Mccullen Teacher paul_mccullen@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Witt Teacher rebecca_witt@nbpsnj.net
    Ms. Joseph Teacher tori_joseph@nbpsnj.net
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