• Introduction

    My name is Mrs. Devon Alexander and I am your student’s School Counselor.  I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful school and community, and I am excited to help your students reach their goals.  

    As a School Counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students. Some people are passionate about sports, music, or art.  My passion is encouraging students to realize and capitalize on their fullest potential.

    While we do everything we can at Lincoln Elementary School to promote success, our students are bound to face challenges. When those challenges arise, your students can rely on  me to be their advocate and ally. They can consider my office a warm and friendly place where they are always welcome to confidentially discuss the things that are bothering them.  As their counselor, my job is to help them work through their challenges so that they can focus on their academic success.   

    Please note, in all cases, student/family confidentiality is respected.  Unless the student discloses that he/she is planning on hurting themselves, hurting someone else or someone is hurting them, what we discuss must legally and ethically remain between myself and the student.  

    I am looking forward to getting to know you and your children!  Please feel free to contact me at any time at the information listed below. 

    Current Units of Study

     As the School Counselor, I have the privilege of  working with every student in the school through a variety of counseling activities. In an attempt to meet these needs of all students and families, the counseling program offers many services, both preventative and responsive in nature. Some of these services include:

    Classroom guidance lessons:  Delivered in the regular classroom setting - Created to address broad developmental topics (self-esteem, social skills, problem-solving skills, career awareness, etc.).

    Individual counseling:  Delivered in the School Counselor’s office in a one-to-one format.  Sessions are student specific and based on the needs of the individual.  May be a one time session or ongoing. Counseling referrals may be received from students, teachers, parents/ guardians, or peers.  

    Small group counseling:  Students who will benefit from small group counseling are those who share similar concerns with  others (i.e.- children of divorce, grief groups, assertiveness training groups, anger management groups, etc.). Small groups offer students the opportunity to share experiences with others, have support, and learn from students who are dealing with similar issues.  Sessions take place in the counselor’s office, during a common time, and run for a pre-specified period of time (ie. Every Wednesday during lunch for 6 weeks)  

 Scheduled on a case by case basis in accordance with parent/counselor availability.  To encourage synergy between the student’s home and school life, I regularly collaborate with parents/guardians/family members.  This collaboration includes creating academic and behavioral plans, making outside community agency referrals, and suggesting extra-curricular enrichment  In addition, to individual consultations, I will be offering parent information/support meetings at different times throughout the school year. (Days/Times TBD)



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