• Welcome to the Science Department! 

    Core Beliefs:

    The Science Department believes that all students have a right to excellent Science and STEM learning that prepares them to care for their bodies, their communities and their planet. We are guided by the following principles:

    Students and their families bring valuable knowledge and skills to our community of learners. Teachers provide students the opportunity to share prior knowledge, current ideas and feedback through skillful lesson planning.

    All students must have access to a high-quality, standards-based curriculum, effective teaching and learning, high expectations, and the support and resources needed to maximize their learning potential.

    Effective science teaching engages students in meaningful learning experiences that use the science and engineering practices to learn or apply disciplinary core ideas through the lense of cross-cutting concepts.

    Teachers use relevant phenomena, real world problems and local context to engage students in individual and collaborative experiences that promote their ability critically think, problem solve, and transfer learning to novel scenarios.

    Assessment is used to inform instruction as teachers evaluate student proficiency in scientific practices and content, provide meaningful feedback to students, and design appropriate instruction to support student growth at all levels.

    Educators demonstrate their commitment to continued professional growth through collaborative learning, individual reflection and iterative teaching practices.