See the information below for virtual tutoring

    If you are interested in virtual tutoring, please click on the link and enter your information.  Tutoring sessions will be scheduled Tuesday - Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  A staff member will contact you and confirm your scheduled time.  It is also important that your child utilizes their district device to receive tutoring virtually.

     Virtual Tutoring Link  

    Redshaw Elementary School continues to have very high expectations for all students, which means that they will be expected to attend school regularly, report to school on time, follow the school dress code, complete all assignments, and demonstrate positive behavior every day.  By following these rules, students will be able to have a successful and joyous academic school year.

    Reminder: As per Board Policy 5518, the school dress code colors are: white, blue, light blue and/or items with district logo apparel. Pants or skirts can be in khaki, black, or blue. Please be sure to send your child to school dressed in accordance with the dress code policy.  


    Entrance and Dismissal Procedures:





    Door # 2      Delavan St.     (Playground)

    Door # 2  

    Kindergarten & 1st Grade

    Door # 17    Comstock St.  (By the cafeteria)

    Door # 17  

    2nd Grade 

    Door # 9      Delavan St.     (By the playground)

    Door # 9

    3rd Grade

    Door # 9      Delavan St.     (By the playground)

    Door # 6  (Playground)

    4th Grade and 5th Grade

    Door # 1      Livingston Avenue 

    Door # 1  

    For Transportation Information:  Please review the OnCourse Connect Parent Portal for your child’s bus information. Each student is required to be picked up and discharged at the assigned bus stop listed on the bus pass. Drivers are prohibited from relocating designated stops or allowing students to disembark at any other location. Please allow ten minutes before and after the scheduled stop time for your child’s bus to arrive. Any transportation changes or questions should be directed to the Transportation Department, at 732-745-5300 ext. 5372. 

    If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at 732-745-5300, extension: 7500.



    Meeting Header   

    PTO Meetings are from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. We will convene on the dates listed below: 
    9/22  (Open House Event) 
       October 24
    November 14
    December 19
    January 23 
    February 27
    March 20 
    April 17
    May 15 
    June 12 

    Congratulations!  Ms. Flagg Is The ESP Of The Year Winner

    Ms. Flagg is a dedicated professional who is always willing to assist those in need. This honor is well deserved. Ms Flagg would like to share the following statement with all of us:

    “I would just like to thank everyone for the honor of being named Paraprofessional of the Year for Redshaw School. I have worked for the NBPS system for over twenty-five and I can honestly say that I enjoy my job and the people that I work with more and more with every passing day. I have learned so much from all my coworkers, and the students. There's nothing like being part of the process that helps children learn and grow. Being recognized for doing so is very touching for me and the only thing that makes me feel more appreciated is when I run into a former student (or parent) and I get to see how far that they've come in life. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my granddaughter as well as reading and working in the yard. Once again, thank you for this recognition and honor.”

    Congratulations Ms. Haug for winning the New Brunswick Education Foundation (NBEF) Innovative Teacher Grant project entitled 
                                                                                            "Improvisation & Composition." Redshaw is so proud of you! 



    Educator of the Year Winner   

    Congratulations,  Mr. Sherief!  

    When Mr. Sherief was asked to share information about himself as an educator, he stated the following: “It has been my privilege to serve for the past 20 years in New Brunswick Public Schools. To educate and prepare 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade scholars for the opportunities that lay ahead of them. Preparing them to rise above the chaos and uncertainty to take the lead in changing the way things get done in the future.As noted in the above statement, Mr. Sherief takes pride in his profession. He also takes pride in being afforded the opportunity to educate our youth. As a math and science teacher, Mr. Sherief utilizes high level tasks and questioning techniques to advance learners. Such techniques develop critical thinking skills, and these are the exact skills needed to shape our future society. 

    Mr. Sherief and his daughter




    For information regarding the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, please click on the provided link, Guidance for Parents on the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act




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