New Brunswick Board of Education

Dr. Dale Caldwell, President

Mr. Benito Ortiz,Vice President

Mr. Ronald Hush, Board Member

Mrs. Patricia Sadowski, Board Member

Mrs. Emra L. Seawood, Board Member

Mrs. Diana Solis, Board Member

Mr. Edward Spencer, Board Member

Ms. Jennifer Shukaitis, Board Member

Ms. Patricia Varela, Board Member

Student Board Member

Zoe C. Shirer 

District Administrative Offices

Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools

Mrs. Kathy Antoine-Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

Mr. Richard D. Jannarone, School Business Administrator / Board Secretary

Mr. Frank J. LoDolce, Director of Facility Design & Construction

Dr. Marnie G. McKoy, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Mrs. Keira M. Scussa, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction