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New Brunswick Public Schools utilizes G Suite for Education and highly encourages faculty and staff to explore the full capabilities of Google's services.
To log into your Gmail:
Log into Gmail by heading to Gmail.com — it is suggested that you use the Google Chrome browser to access the Gmail email platform. Your Gmail username will be firstname_lastname@nbpsnj.net and your account's password is the same as your regular password.
For any issues or conflicts, enter an IT Work Order ticket or speak to your building's IT Support Specialist. 

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New Brunswick Public Schools has implemented a brand-new printing system, known as Papercut. This system will offer new benefits and conveniences to all NBPS staff. Before you can begin to use the system, you must first register/associate your NBPS identification badge to the printing system — you only have to do this registration once! After that, you will only need to swipe your ID card to log in to print, scan, and copy using the district copy machines!
PLEASE NOTE: As of July 2018, all work Google Chrome browsers can print to the "Savin Printing" machines!




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Click here to submit an IT Work Order ticket for assistance!