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ALL employees working an extra job/program MUST transfer and clock in/out of the extra position.

Click below for instructions on how to transfer positions:

Timesheets must be:

  1. Filled out completely (Please Print/Use Blue Ink)
  2. Employee’s Full Name (no nicknames please)
  3. Position/Program (as it appears on the Board approval)
  4. Employees MUST transfer and clock in/out for all jobs/programs
  5. Employee & Principal/Supervisor Signature
  6. Submitted to Payroll Department by due date
  7. All timesheets that are missing information will be returned to employee
  • All late timesheets will be paid on the next scheduled pay date (no exceptions!)

All timesheets, forms, and schedules are posted on:

New Brunswick Public Schools district website - Staff Corner & Payroll Department

 Only original timesheets will be paid (no copies or faxes)



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New Brunswick Board of Education
Payroll Department
For questions regarding payroll/paycheck, please email:

For questions regarding attendance and/or AESOP/VeriTime, please email:

For questions regarding health benefits and leave of absences, please email:

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