Dear School Community, 

Ultimately, it's really all about teaching and learning!
 I've had frequent opportunities to visit each of this district's schools, observing lunch sittings and fire drills, walking the hallways, admiring bulletin boards, and sitting in on classes.  Sometimes, I'll visit a class and I just won't want to leave.  I'll suddenly not care about the meetings I have scheduled, I'd prefer to just stay put, in class, and watch as the lesson happens.
This is the case when a teacher is orchestrating a lesson that's cognitively demanding, rigorous and pushing the students thinking when students are engaged and building on each other’s knowledge, learning from each other, challenging each other, and “showing off” about just how much they've learned.  Where every student is treated as smart, supported and challenged!
As the total number of my visits increases, I notice more and more of these dynamic classrooms, and I become even more convinced that true teaching and learning is underway.  I'm confident we're on the verge of an explosion of educational success that will have everyone talking about our public schools.

And ...

Why not New Brunswick?   


Aubrey Johnson

Superintendent of Schools