Dear School Community, 

Well, we're back.

I trust everyone in the New Brunswick Public Schools family enjoyed a peaceful, restful, and enjoyable holiday break. Now, as we return to our regular roles, I encourage all of you to quickly re-engage and begin looking ahead. 

Our school district has had quite a successful start to the 2015-16 school year, and we've all been busy. But it's already January and there's much to accomplish within the next six months.  There are books to be read, games and concerts to be played, tests to be taken, lessons to be planned and taught and decisions to be made. For our parents, there are schools to be visited, curriculum to be reviewed and understood, in-class instruction to be supported from home, and homework assignments to be checked. Rest assured, the final six months of this school year will be every bit as invigorating and challenging as the first four.   

So let's be proactive and prompt in everything we do. Let's make sure we get sufficient sleep, exercise and eat well. Let's work as a team in our daily lives, with everyone around us. There's much to do before June 24, and sometimes it won't be easy. But when the final day of classes rolls around, and we can look back at pleasant memories and goals achieved, we'll be happy we re-dedicated and re-focused ourselves back in January. 

Let's all roll up our sleeves and get started.


“Why not New Brunswick?”


Aubrey Johnson