Dear School Community,

February marks the beginning of the school year's second half. So, I urge everyone from students, to their families, to our school district faculty and staff to focus more sharply than ever on what ultimately brings us to New Brunswick Public Schools each day - the experience of learning.  

For students, recommit to excellence in the classroom. For parents, support your children and be a resource for them. And for teachers, staff, and administrators, let's embrace the fact that our careers put us in a unique position to directly shape the future, through the young people in our collective charge.

It's easy to become distracted by the multiple responsibilities and daily challenges in our lives. But when we periodically rededicate ourselves to what's important, as I'm calling on you all to do this month , we can truly accomplish remarkable things.

It's also important to note that February is set aside each year as "Black History Month" -- a time to pay particular attention to the substantial contributions of African-Americans to our nation. It reminds us all of the people who came before us who played a major role in shaping the world we know today.

I encourage everyone to be proud of their individual backgrounds, both during February and throughout the entire year. 

Let's all rededicate ourselves to teaching with a sense of purpose that includes rigor, valor and direction.

Aubrey A. Johnson
Superintendent of Schools