Dear School Community,

With the holiday season upon us, it’s natural for most of us to turn our attention to gift-giving. I’m certain the greatest career-centered gift we have is interacting with many talented professionals, in a truly upbeat supportive educational environment. I continue to view our faculty, administrators, and staff in New Brunswick as an exceptionally productive team that brings the gift of education to the students in this community.

Without getting into specifics, I’m talking about teachers who support each other and work closely with other staff members and administrators. I’m talking about  teachers and staff members who regularly give an extra degree of effort, while always being mindful that we’re all ultimately here for the students. I’m talking about administrators who clearly understand that a key role of theirs is  working with other administrators, teachers and staff members to be more effective and grow in their field of expertise.

Of course, we’ll face collective challenges and opportunities as we move into the 2017 New Year.  If we continue to stick together and continue thinking of ourselves as a unified team and system, I’m confident we’ll overcome any hurdle and seize on the opportunities that confront us.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All !  

Click Here for Central Office Administration Holiday Greeting Video



Dr. Aubrey A. Johnson

Superintendent of Schools