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Dr. Jessica Monaghan
K-12 Supervisor of Science
(732)745-5300 x5585
Lucrieta Reyes
Math & Science Departments Secretary
(732)745-5300 x5586

Resources for Parents!Top of Page

Parents: For access to information about the science curriculum in grades K-12 and for other resources, please click here.

Resources for Teachers!Top of Page

Teachers: For access to your curriculum documents and other resources, please click here.
Note: Updated curricula will have an asterisk to indicate documents with revisions for the 18-19 school year.

Partnerships with Liberty Science Center engage students in traveling science programs, teachers in professional development, and community with STEAM Nights!Top of Page

Students engage in Geocaching thanks to NBEF Teacher Grants!Top of Page

Science Resource Managers are prepared with ways to use new STEM materials!Top of Page

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